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How much does Kavi Workspace cost?

Team Edition is free for up to 10 users. Standard Edition starts at $600 per month and includes branding and streamlined implementation. Enterprise Edition pricing depends on the number active users and other migration or implementation requirements. See the Pricing page for more detail or give us a call.

How long does the free version last?
As long as your team is fewer than 10 active user accounts, it is free for as long as you want to use it. You can archive user accounts and replace them with new participants and Workspace will be free as long as you only have 10 or fewer.
What is involved to get started on the free edition?
After you fill out the form, someone from the Sales team at Kavi will contact you to gather more information and start the process of setting up your site.
If we like Workspace, can we upgrade to a full version?
Yes, and we will preserve all your history, documents, user accounts and so on. We’ll move your Workspace site to a custom domain (URL), add your logo, and take you through a configuration process to tune the site to your organization’s needs.
Can I get my organization's logo added to our Workspace?
Yes, if you upgrade to one of the full versions, either Standard or Enterprise. The free Team Edition is branded with the Kavi Workspace logo.
Is there a fee for upgrading from the free Team Edition?
There are some nominal fees for upgrading to the Standard Edition, depending on your requirements. For example, there are fees for custom domain name hosting, branding and so on. Contact us for more details.

If you upgrade to the Enterprise Edition, we charge one-time fees to cover the implementation project. We’ll handle data migration, configuring the site to match your needs, branding, training, integration, and so on.

What is the price of the Enterprise Edition?
Pricing for the Enterprise Edition depends on the number of users and size of your organization. Pricing is set based on tiers of active users, where the more users you have, the lower the price per user. Give us a call if you want more information.
For what types of groups is Workspace best suited?
Workspace was originally developed to support the work of technical working groups and committees in standard-setting bodies and member-based associations. Although our customer base has historically been member-based organizations/associations, Workspace is now being used in many different sectors, including government, higher education and business. It’s an ideal solution for teams that need a collaborative platform for employees to store and share information. Workspace can also serve as a Board portal collaboration tool. Workspace is a great environment for any group, team, or committee that needs a mature, ready-to-go collaboration tool.
How does Workspace work with my current site?
We’ll work with your web developers to show them how to link from your main site to your Workspace site.
Do you provide any integration to association management systems (AMS) or single sign-on?
Yes, we have an API that is available in the Enterprise Edition. There is also native SSO support. We have extensive experience integrating Workspace with other IT systems at larger organizations.
I currently use another collaboration portal. Can my data be migrated into Workspace?
Yes. We can work with your previous collaboration tool provider to import certain types of data into Workspace. Our team has experience importing data from a number of other collaboration systems. Note that data migration and integration services only apply for the paid versions.
How does Workspace compare with Sharepoint?
While powerful, Sharepoint requires expensive internal IT resources to configure, customize, maintain and support. By contrast, Workspace delivers tested, pre-built components “out of the box.” It’s affordable, powerful, fast to configure and requires no internal IT support.
How does Workspace compare with Basecamp?
Basecamp is designed for project management and for smaller, time-limited projects. Workspace is a collaboration platform that serves as a permanent document repository, a communication hub, shared calendars, online voting and more. It is designed so that each committee or working group can have its own communication preferences and working environment.
How does Workspace compare with Causeway?
The two products are similar, since Causeway was modeled specifically to mimic the features in Workspace. Workspace is a seasoned product supported by a mature software development methodology and an established support organization. The Causeway product is a sideline to its parent organization’s primary source of income.
I work with a small organization. Will Workspace work for me?
Yes. Workspace works for all organizations, large or small.
I work with a large organization with thousands of users. Will Workspace work for me?
Yes. Workspace works for all organizations, large or small. We have customers that have thousands of active users all around the globe.
How do I get training on Workspace?
Every implementation includes training for administrators, committee managers and regular users. We also provide a number of self-serve resources. There is online help built into the site and our support site contains archived training videos and webinars that illustrate Workspace in more detail. We run monthly live training webinars, too. Most features in Workspace are intuitive and require little or no training.
Does Kavi provide any other integration or IT related services?
We can help with or consult on many IT-related needs, including domain management. Our staff consists of highly skilled engineers who have deep software engineering experience. During implementations, we commonly work with customer IT staff or outside developers. While we don’t do custom website development, we have relationships with a number of highly skilled website developers and association management firms we can partner with to meet your unique needs.

Kavi Workspace helps you:

Encourage participation. Teams are more effective with Workspace. It's a neutral space for teams inside and outside the firewall to share and communicate.

Reduce the costs of collaboration. Get up and running fast with a secure, mature solution. It’s a fraction of the cost of custom software development and there’s no IT overhead.

Streamline consensus. Make it easier for people achieve results. Documents, events and project milestones are easily accessible in one central location.

Reinforce governance. Create online workspaces that support any kind of process, with privacy and IP protection at every level.

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