Voting helps groups record decisions, reach consensus and move business forward.

It’s easy to design ballots to meet your organization’s unique needs.


Create ballots for a range of needs, from ad hoc to very formal.

Kavi Workspace ballots support the specialized needs of standards setting organizations and industry consortia. Set voting eligibility, quorum, and passing percentage based on your organization’s policies. For more casual uses, deploy ballots for document approvals, informal polls, ad hoc surveys, and more.


Drive participation and reduce administrative overhead.

Create and send batches of related ballots with a single notification and link to a list of open votes. Save common ballot settings in templates to speed creation of future votes. A ballot dashboard helps administrators monitor voting across the organization.


Monitor voting activity and publish the results.

Make ballots as open or as private as necessary. Monitor voting progress and see detailed history and statistics on every ballot and every voter. Share information with committee members, other groups, the entire organization, or the public.


Ballots and Voting

Gain consensus. Link ballots to documents that require formal approval and record the team’s consensus on a draft or final version.

Track eligibility. Track meeting attendance and set rules for voting eligibility based on attendance history.

Permissions. Allow users to enter comments on specific ballots and voting options.

Reminders. Set up to three automated reminders to help drive participation.

More Features

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