Organize the activities of multiple groups into projects, with milestones and an easy-to-access historical record.

Everything’s tracked and categorized for an audit-ready, traceable history.



Create project views and monitor key milestones.

Consolidate the work of several committees or teams under a project umbrella. Set deadlines, milestones, and actions to appear on a Timeline overview. Create your own project templates.



Reduce the costs of audits by capturing participation details as they happen.

Managers can monitor and recover the contributions of any participant, as well as all the communication messages sent by the system. It’s a comprehensive system of record for the entire organization.



For ANSI organizations, audits are a snap.

ANSI accreditation requires compliance with internal policies and the Essential Requirements including traceability, openness, transparency, balance, and absence of dominance. Workspace makes compliance substantially easier than any other solution. Standards developers can also prepare and electronically submit to ANSI the PINS, BSR-8 and BSR-9 forms.


Project Tracking and Audit Support

Big picture. Summarize the activities of multiple teams into a “project view” with timelines and milestones.

Customize. Create project templates with your own heading structure and boilerplate text.

Collate. Collect everything in one place in the event of audit or discovery needs.

Prepare. Audit-ready summary of key activities for each project.

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