Workspace automatically sends messages from all areas of the application — according to your preferences.

Keep everyone up-to-date and connected.

Automatic email notifications make it easy to work from your inbox.

Notifications from calendar events integrate directly into desktop email and calendar programs. From email notifications, you can respond to a ballot, RSVP to a meeting, reply to a comment, or jump directly to a recently revised document.

Each committee or working groups has its own unique email alias, making it easy to send a message an entire group and stay connected to co-workers.


Configure communication settings to match the style of each group.

Fine-grained rules for mailing lists lets you control who can send messages and whether they are moderated. Members can send to or reply to the group’s email alias – the message broadcasts to the group and a copy is saved in the group history.

All messages sent from the system are logged and archived.

You can sort the archives by date, subject thread, or author. Contributors can choose to receive messages in digest form. They can also subscribe or unsubscribe from mailing lists if they prefer and the organization allows.



Compatible. Calendar notifications are compatible with Microsoft Outlook and most desktop email and calendar programs.

Configurable. Members can set their own email digest levels.

Sortable. Handy message labels make it easy to sort and filter messages in your inbox.

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