Real-time multi-author document collaboration in a flexible, secure environment.

Give your authors online tools that are as smart as they are.

Write, edit and chat in dynamic online documents.

Jots are secure web documents that allow multiple authors to write, edit and chat in real time.

Each Jot provides simple formatting tools so contributors can focus on content. Multiple authors can write, edit, delete, copy and paste into a Jot. Everyone’s contributions are highlighted with a color – and you can choose your own color! A sidebar chat panel allows people to carry on conversations in context, and the chat history is saved with the Jot.


Integrated into the document library.

You create and access a Jot from the Documents tab. Manage Jot documents like any other document type. Each Jot observes the group’s participation and visibility rules. When you close a Jot, it preserves the most recent state of edits and chats, and returns to that state when you open it later.


Flexible online documents with a variety of uses.

Use Jots for:

  • Creating early document drafts
  • Resolving contributions from multiple authors and editors
  • Real-time minutes for meetings
  • Online brainstorming sessions
  • Organizing agendas
  • Anytime you need to “jot something down”


Easy. Open a Jot and start typing. The text editor and the chat feature are simple and intuitive.

Immediate. Real-time collaboration — anywhere, any time.

Secure. Visible only to group participants, respects existing permissions.

Import. Pull in text from existing Word, PDF and text files.

Export. Save final text in common file formats such as Word and PDF.

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