Gather comments from members and the public.

Organize and manage comments for rapid response and resolution.



Drive consensus on formal documents by accepting and tracking comments.

The Comment Manager in Kavi Workspace enables you to identify areas of agreement and disagreement at a glance, and target areas where consensus is absent. Connect comments to documents or ballots and retain the linkages through the lifecycle of the project.



Organize, respond to and resolve input from members, volunteers and the public.

Assign comments to individuals, attach status labels, and notify participants when their comments receive responses and resolution. Filter, sort and rank lists of comments and manage many items from many sources. If necessary, export the data in a range of formats. Likewise, import bulk comments from spreadsheet formats.


Drive comments through a resolution cycle, and never lose anything.

All contributions and state changes are captured, making it easy to meet audit and governance requirements. Compliance with the ANSI Essential Requirements is much easier when you know you’ve provided openness and addressed every comment.



Manage. Link comments to documents and ballots.

Gather. Accept comments on documents from the public, without requiring a user account.

Find. Sort and filter comments in a variety of ways.

Apply. Export comment details in multiple formats, including the ISO comment template format.

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Streamline See how CEA uses the Comment Manager to speed committee operations.

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