Account Administration

Get your teams started quickly with easy account management.

Manage large lists of user accounts with ease.


Search, sort and filter.

Keep up with changes and growth your organization with lightweight, fast account administration. Manage all your user and company accounts in an intuitive interface that’s designed for desktop or mobile devices. You can quickly find any person or company, edit their contact information, activate or deactivate them, or send them a message, right from the accounts list. Users can have individual accounts or can be connected to a company account.

Self-serve account sign-up.

Make it easy for new team members to get an account and start participating. Set up Auto-approval based on the prospective member’s employer and email domain. Those new account request are created automatically and the person is contacted with activation instructions.

Without Auto-approval on, new account requests are listed in an approval queue available only to Administrators. Quickly approve or enable an account, which automatically notifies the user and sends them an email with a temporary log-in link.

Once logged in, users can manage their own contact information, password, add a photo, and more. It’s natively mobile, and easy to use on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Administrators can also upload new accounts in bulk with a properly formatted CSV file and an easy drag and drop screen.

Click-to-Accept Agreements

You can set up membership agreements or other terms and conditions that new account holders have to agree to before logging in. Workspace gives you an easy editor to compose the agreement. When users accept the terms, their acceptance is logged and searchable.


Fast communication with custom message templates.

It’s easy to create and save message templates for messages to individuals or groups. Filter a group of users, select all, and click the message icon to use pre-written text or new text.

Message Templates

Membership plans.

Administrators can define Membership Plans that include access to specific working groups or committees. Those Plans can be assigned to user and company account holders. The roles and privileges assigned to a Company account roll down to the individual members who belong to that company. It’s easy to add or delete roles to handle temporary or unique circumstances.

Account Administration

Account Management

Efficient. Speedy account administration for large or small organizations.

Mobile: Responsive design for tablet and phone displays.

Secure. Enterprise class security environment with single sign-on (SSO) integration options.

Import. Drag and drop a properly formatted CSV file to bulk add new user accounts.

Export. Export account lists for use in other applications.

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