We’re thrilled to announce that Kavi has been acquired by Higher Logic, a leading cloud-based community platform.

Higher Logic KaviAt Kavi, we’ve come to know Higher Logic well in the association marketplace over the years. They deliver a dynamic solution for building engagement in communities of all shapes and sizes. They’ve earned a reputation for high levels of customer satisfaction and as one of the best places to work in the DC region.

Kavi’s solution, Workspace, fits well into the Higher Logic product set. Higher Logic excels at supporting active engagement and communication in groups of all sizes. Some groups want additional collaboration options, especially if their work is complex, document-centric or project-based. For those groups, Workspace is an ideal solution. When teams need secure collaboration, powerful document management, project management and more, Workspace provides a flexible out-of-the-box solution. So, on a continuum from less formal to more formal collaboration, the combination of Higher Logic and Kavi provides a range of options.

In the immediate future, it’s business as usual at Kavi. The entire staff is staying on and continuing with current product development roadmap, supporting customers, and implementing new customers. We’ll also look at how best to integrate with the larger Higher Logic roadmap, and we’ll share more details on that soon.

Dave Coryell, one of Kavi’s original founders, will be moving on, but will be available to staff and customers as needed. Dave and his partners started Kavi 20 years ago. Recently, Dave has been working to find a way to insure the team continues to thrive, and the product continues to support the important work of Kavi customers well into the future. This acquisition provides the perfect long-term home for the Kavi community.