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Key Takeaway from CES: The Internet of Things is a Thing


Our team was out in force at CES last month to support the launch of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Tech Alliances Community and visit with Kavi customers and partners. The CTA, a Kavi customer, organizes CES, and Kavi is providing a version of Kavi Workspace for use by the new community program.

One of our favorite things about CES is that it provides a forum for the latest and greatest thinking around all things related to consumer technology. One theme that was impossible to miss: the Internet of Things (IoT) is a force to be reckoned with. The interconnectedness of devices is going to become more common in our daily life.
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Survey Reveals Challenges Collaborators Face

I wrote recently in an article in Association News about the challenges teams face in today’s business environment, which requires us to span time zones, connect with remote workers and somehow keep everything moving. In it, I shared the results of a survey Kavi conducted of attendees at the annual meeting of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

The survey identified three common challenges: the lack of a single system of record, a heavy reliance on email and limits in existing systems. More than half of the leaders we polled said they are operating without a “single version of the truth,” relying instead on a changing set of tools, separate data sources and even private accounts.

In addition, important, often time-critical communication is still relies heavily on email, which can pose significant challenges to teams engaged in complex collaboration. These association leaders also indicated that common tools suffer from a lack of traceability and aren’t easily modified without expensive IT resources.

Read the full article in the January 2016 issue of Association News to find out more about these common challenges and learn how collaboration styles and needs vary depending on the nature of teamwork.

CTA Alliances Community Reception at CES


Kavi is proud to be a supporting sponsor of the Consumer Technology Association’s Alliance Community Reception, taking place at this year’s CES.

Time: 4 – 6 PM on January 7, 2016
Location: Venetian Hotel, Level 2, Bellini 2005

CTA (formerly the Consumer Electronics Association – CEA) is launching their new Alliance Community at this event. As the leader in the consumer technology industry, CTA supports the alliances, consortia and other organizations that contribute to the ecosystem. Kavi is supporting the Alliances Community with an implementation of Workspace for group discussion, document sharing and communication.

Learn more about the Alliance Community at techalliances.org.

Dynamic Collaboration at Kavi User Group Meeting

Over 40 people from 24 Kavi customer organizations joined us in Alexandria, VA last week at our 2015 User Group Meeting. It was a dynamic day of sharing about industry trends, product news, best practices and more.
Kavi - Fourth Annual User Group Meeting (6 of 47)
Our Customer Experience team presented information on best practices in two areas important to effective team engagement: meetings and document management.

We talked about the trends and challenges facing technology alliances and standards organizations. One of the trends is the convergence of technologies, and the interoperability of once separate systems. These days, that trend is identified broadly with the term “Internet of Things” (IoT). Applications in IoT are affecting strategic direction at many Kavi customers.
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Are Your Teams Cooperating or Collaborating?

As the essence of teamwork, collaboration is the primary reason organizations build teams in the first place. There are as many different ways to define and describe collaboration as there are teams practicing it.

The term “collaboration” derives from the Latin word com, which means together, and labōrāre, which means to work or labor. We’re all familiar with the labor part; it’s the “together” part that’s challenging sometimes.
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Five Characteristics of High-Performing Teams

It’s widely accepted that collaboration, when done well, is a good thing. In an often-cited study by leadership training consulting firm Fierce, 86 percent of respondents said a lack of collaboration led to workplace failures, and 90 percent believed that decision-makers should seek out other opinions before making a final decision.

High-performing team

High-performing team

But as “Collaboration” author Morten Hansen discovered, bad collaboration is much worse than no collaboration. Collaboration starts and ends with people, people who invariably bring differing ideas, viewpoints and opinions to the table, and it can be tricky to get it right.

How can you lay the foundation for effective collaboration? High-performing teams have five key characteristics in common — they follow strong leaders, debate and record decisions, set and meet deadlines, embrace accountability and make use of a system of record. read more…

Four information culture types – and teamwork styles

Organizations have distinct information cultures that prioritize certain kinds of behaviors and values over others. There are also distinct ways that people collaborate in those environments. We think a lot about that here, as we tune Workspace to support team collaboration needs.

In a research paper titled “Information Culture and Organizational Effectiveness,” Chun Wei Choo, a professor at the University of Toronto, proposes four information culture types that describe how organizations manage information. It’s also a way of describing how teams collaborate in those cultures. read more…

A new, mobile-friendly view of important activity

We’ve released a brand new Activity Feed in Workspace that shows all your participation activity in a single, filterable list. It’s a living, compact view of recent items from the groups to which you belong.

We’re focused on making it easier to see and interact with important activity in Kavi Workspace. We’re also building pages that are easier to use on mobile devices. The new Activity Feed is a big step forward on both fronts. read more…

Can standards be developed quickly? Yes.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reminds us how a mature organization can drive complex collaboration tasks for quick results. The article, on CEA’s I3-Innovate site, calls out “solid leadership” as the primary force that helps speed results. Good leaders reconcile competing interests, resolve conflicts, and keep the focus on the desired results. After all, collaboration is a human effort.

Streamlined teamworkThey also cite the importance of “modern tools” that support the asynchronous, distributed workflows we all deal with in complex projects. Document reviews and approvals, votes, meeting details and a complete participation history are managed in CEA’s standards infrastructure, powered by Kavi Workspace.

For many of our customers, business collaboration is core to their mission. Strong leadership, mature processes and smart collaboration technology is the winning combination that helps these organzations succeed. The technology is essential and works best when it integrates into the processes, supporting and streamlining the teams, allowing them to focus on results.

We’re thrilled to see CEA’s continued leadership in standards and innovation, and proud to contribute to their success.

Collaboration on The Global Supply Chain

Kavi attended GS1 Connect last week in Austin.

GS1 stacking blocks

Stacking blocks and building business with GS1

In addition to some swinging honky-tonk performances and some tasty barbecue, we saw first hand the dynamic ecosystem of the global supply chain. GS1 is at the hub of a huge amount of commercial activity in the retail, healthcare, food service and other segments of the economy. As a Kavi customer, they use Workspace to power the GS1 US Community Rooms, where many stakeholders come together to develop standards, data formats and other elements that form a “common foundation for business.”

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