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Five Characteristics of High-Performing Teams

It’s widely accepted that collaboration, when done well, is a good thing. In an often-cited study by leadership training consulting firm Fierce, 86 percent of respondents said a lack of collaboration led to workplace failures, and 90 percent believed that decision-makers should seek out other opinions before making a final decision.

High-performing team

High-performing team

But as “Collaboration” author Morten Hansen discovered, bad collaboration is much worse than no collaboration. Collaboration starts and ends with people, people who invariably bring differing ideas, viewpoints and opinions to the table, and it can be tricky to get it right.

How can you lay the foundation for effective collaboration? High-performing teams have five key characteristics in common — they follow strong leaders, debate and record decisions, set and meet deadlines, embrace accountability and make use of a system of record. read more…

Four information culture types – and teamwork styles

Organizations have distinct information cultures that prioritize certain kinds of behaviors and values over others. There are also distinct ways that people collaborate in those environments. We think a lot about that here, as we tune Workspace to support team collaboration needs.

In a research paper titled “Information Culture and Organizational Effectiveness,” Chun Wei Choo, a professor at the University of Toronto, proposes four information culture types that describe how organizations manage information. It’s also a way of describing how teams collaborate in those cultures. read more…

A new, mobile-friendly view of important activity

We’ve released a brand new Activity Feed in Workspace that shows all your participation activity in a single, filterable list. It’s a living, compact view of recent items from the groups to which you belong.

We’re focused on making it easier to see and interact with important activity in Kavi Workspace. We’re also building pages that are easier to use on mobile devices. The new Activity Feed is a big step forward on both fronts. read more…

Can standards be developed quickly? Yes.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reminds us how a mature organization can drive complex collaboration tasks for quick results. The article, on CEA’s I3-Innovate site, calls out “solid leadership” as the primary force that helps speed results. Good leaders reconcile competing interests, resolve conflicts, and keep the focus on the desired results. After all, collaboration is a human effort.

Streamlined teamworkThey also cite the importance of “modern tools” that support the asynchronous, distributed workflows we all deal with in complex projects. Document reviews and approvals, votes, meeting details and a complete participation history are managed in CEA’s standards infrastructure, powered by Kavi Workspace.

For many of our customers, business collaboration is core to their mission. Strong leadership, mature processes and smart collaboration technology is the winning combination that helps these organzations succeed. The technology is essential and works best when it integrates into the processes, supporting and streamlining the teams, allowing them to focus on results.

We’re thrilled to see CEA’s continued leadership in standards and innovation, and proud to contribute to their success.

Collaboration on The Global Supply Chain

Kavi attended GS1 Connect last week in Austin.

GS1 stacking blocks

Stacking blocks and building business with GS1

In addition to some swinging honky-tonk performances and some tasty barbecue, we saw first hand the dynamic ecosystem of the global supply chain. GS1 is at the hub of a huge amount of commercial activity in the retail, healthcare, food service and other segments of the economy. As a Kavi customer, they use Workspace to power the GS1 US Community Rooms, where many stakeholders come together to develop standards, data formats and other elements that form a “common foundation for business.”

Taking care of business: collaborating effectively in your online community

In our joint webinar with Online Community Results, we discussed the landscape of collaboration tools and technologies available to online communities. We made the distinction between communities where the main purpose is social engagement versus communities where the main purpose is getting work done. The two functions can overlap, but tend to follow different processes and have different objectives.

Social versus collaboration

Social versus Project types of applications

One of the trends we noted was the proliferation of task-specific apps and how fragmented the field is becoming. The slide in this article shows how some of the players align when you chart them on the project-versus-social scale. People have lots of options when trying to find effective ways to work together. One of the challenges of so many choices is that information tends to scatter. We made the argument that mature teams benefit from a system of record.

If you missed the webinar, we’ll be running a shorter version of it again in the coming weeks. Watch our Webinars page for details. Or let us know if you want a quick summary and demo yourself. We’d love to talk with you.

Guess who’s “influential”?

We are! That’s according to this article in the Technology Association of Oregon’s newsletter. This Member Spotlight focuses on Kavi’s support of standards-setting organizations. We’re thrilled to be highlighted here. But, it’s really our customers who are influential. They are developing and managing standards that affect nearly every aspect of modern life. Standards for medical devices, lab standards, consumer electronics, smart grid, library sciences, public safety, electrical devices, motion picture technology, air transport, bar codes, and many, many other areas are actively managed in Kavi Workspace. So, kudos to our influential customers!

Get ready to Jot!

jots_white_bgDid you ever wish you and your co-authors could work on text together at the same time, each from their own location? Soon you’ll be able to, with Jots, a real-time document collaboration feature we’re adding to Kavi Workspace. Jots will be available for our Workspace 6 customers in early April.

Easy to Use
Focus on content. Each author is assigned a different color. Edits happen in real-time. Basic text formatting controls are included.

Secure Collaboration
Jots are secure documents, protected by the same sharing, visibility and management settings that control other documents.

Import and Export
Import content from Word, PDF and text files, and save finished text in the popular file formats.

Integrated into Workspace
Jots are seamlessly integrated into the document repositories in Workspace.

Stay tuned for details, or contact us if you want more information

Do Working Groups have “Collective Intelligence”?

collective intelligenceIn today’s knowledge work environment, a group of people (not fish) makes almost every decision of consequence. It’s a given that effective collaboration tools are fundamental for group success. Case in point: research recently conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Collective Intelligence examines the idea that “collective intelligence” is not based on the individual smarts of each team member but rather the ability of the group to work together. read more…

Aiding Strategic Decision-Making with Collaboration Technology

Collaboration has become as common today as social media, and a diverse ecosystem of software solutions purport to deliver collaboration benefits. A recent article written by Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer with Adjuvi, examines innovations and techniques in utilizing collaboration tools.

Hinchcliffe posits that, “Collaborative leaders must determine how to a) cope better at a technology and management level with digital channel fragmentation, b) bring better collaborative skills to workers, and c) figure out how to unify the streams of data that are coming out of our portfolios of collaboration tools so that strategic decision making is accelerated by better flows of knowledge and not hampered by digital silos.” read more…

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