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Get ready to Jot!

jots_white_bgDid you ever wish you and your co-authors could work on text together at the same time, each from their own location? Soon you’ll be able to, with Jots, a real-time document collaboration feature we’re adding to Kavi Workspace. Jots will be available for our Workspace 6 customers in early April.

Easy to Use
Focus on content. Each author is assigned a different color. Edits happen in real-time. Basic text formatting controls are included.

Secure Collaboration
Jots are secure documents, protected by the same sharing, visibility and management settings that control other documents.

Import and Export
Import content from Word, PDF and text files, and save finished text in the popular file formats.

Integrated into Workspace
Jots are seamlessly integrated into the document repositories in Workspace.

Stay tuned for details, or contact us if you want more information

Do Working Groups have “Collective Intelligence”?

collective intelligenceIn today’s knowledge work environment, a group of people (not fish) makes almost every decision of consequence. It’s a given that effective collaboration tools are fundamental for group success. Case in point: research recently conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Collective Intelligence examines the idea that “collective intelligence” is not based on the individual smarts of each team member but rather the ability of the group to work together. read more…

Aiding Strategic Decision-Making with Collaboration Technology

Collaboration has become as common today as social media, and a diverse ecosystem of software solutions purport to deliver collaboration benefits. A recent article written by Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer with Adjuvi, examines innovations and techniques in utilizing collaboration tools.

Hinchcliffe posits that, “Collaborative leaders must determine how to a) cope better at a technology and management level with digital channel fragmentation, b) bring better collaborative skills to workers, and c) figure out how to unify the streams of data that are coming out of our portfolios of collaboration tools so that strategic decision making is accelerated by better flows of knowledge and not hampered by digital silos.” read more…

Crime Scene Investigation: Kavi Workspace Facilitates Advances in Standardization of Forensic Sciences

Hall of Standards

Hall of Standards at the NIST campus

Since 1987 when DNA was first used to convict a felon in the court of law, Americans have been riveted by the idea that science can solve crimes. And, according to the National Institute of Justice, crime scene investigation has grown exponentially since the dawn of forensic science: in 2009 (the latest year data is available) U.S. crime laboratories received 4.1 million requests for forensic services, compared to just 2.7 million requests in 2005. read more…

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