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We’ve implemented Kavi Workspace for hundreds of organizations.

We help you get the most out of Workspace.

Kavi’s Customer Experience team helps your organization get maximum value from Workspace as effectively as possible. We begin any new Implementation from an established project framework that incorporates your stakeholders, business requirements and existing processes. When there are system integrations, we scope the situation and adjust project plans accordingly. Finally, we train you and your participants to set the stage for successful roll-out and adoption.

“I wanted you to know how much we have appreciated your responsiveness (to be counted sometimes in seconds, not even minutes), your professionalism, and overall support as we’ve gotten to our launch day today.”

—Steve Barclay, ATIS

1 Deployment. We set up your Kavi Workspace installation and configure it to meet your specific needs.

We work with you to define hosting, naming conventions and branding guidelines.

We manage data loading, migrations or integrations to single-sign-on or other external IT systems as required.

2 Configuration. We partner with your key stakeholders to map existing organizational policies and procedures and share common industry best practices during scheduled project meetings.

This allows your committees to work more effectively in Workspace – with proven workflows and permissions that align exactly with your organization’s process.

3 Roll-out. We walk you through how to effectively educate and inform your member community when it’s time to bring them into your new Workspace installation.

We know that audience-specific training for administrators, committee chairs, and general users is key to ensuring a successful launch, and we focus on a ‘show, not tell’ approach where possible. We conduct recordable training sessions via web meeting, but are happy to come to you for on-site training as appropriate.

“I appreciate the monthly webinars as it shows a dedication to your users and allows a perfect delivery method when there is a system wide change/ update of information.”

—Anonymous; recent Training Webinar survey respondent


Kavi Help Desk: Online portal allows authorized administrators to work directly with our team. All tickets are tracked to resolution with email notifications.

Knowledge Base: Frequently updated online help is integrated into the product.

Training Webinars: Short, interactive video training sessions are scheduled each month for our administrator community. We share recorded videos after each session.

Kavi Support Policy: Read Kavi’s service, maintenance and support policies.

Visit our Customer Experience site for more details.

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