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We help results-driven teams share and organize complex work.

Team collaboration


Our mission is to help results-driven teams share and organize complex work.

Our customers produce high-value improvements for their organizations, their industries, and the world.

With powerful software and focused support, Kavi enables collaborative team work, structured workflows, and secure participation. Combining enterprise-grade security and configurability, Kavi Workspace powers teams from a local to a global scale, without the traditional cost and risks associated with IT.


Over the past 18 years, our software solutions have powered the work of hundreds of organizations and thousands of teams comprised of contributors in hundreds of areas of expertise. We’re proud to partner with organizations of all sizes, many of which are advancing work on some of the most important technologies in the world. Our customers’ initiatives drive industry direction, improve standards of living, and address challenges that affect the quality of life for everyone. Their guidance and feedback has resulted in a mature, flexible service where collaborative teams can focus on delivering results. We rely on a robust, ongoing dialog with our customers to chart the course for the future.

The meaning of “Kavi”

Our name, “Kavi” (pronounced “kuh-vee”), is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “poet”, “seer” or “omniscient one.”



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